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500 Davis St Suite 801
Evanston,  IL 60201

Phone: (855) 237-0203


BoardShare™ delivers portable and affordable interactivity on any surface. The pocket-sized camera easily connects to any laptop, and works with any projector of LCD TV. Compatible with all third party software, BoardShare makes it possible to annotate on and interact with anything that can be pulled up on a computer. With no recurring fees or licensing fees, BoardShare is an affordable solution that remains cost-effective for as long as it is used.

Completely portable device which turns any surface into an interactive whiteboard

BoardShare, LLC is a Chicago-based company that has developed the first completely portable device that can make any surface interactive. Conncet BoardShare to an existing laptop and projector or LCD TV, and create a dynamic, interactive meeting or classroom experience. BoardShare allows multiple users to Create, Capture, Collaborate, and Share ideas directly into an existing or new presentation so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

BoardShare's mission is to level the playing field so that every school, regardless of budget or location, can have access to this innovative technology.

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Founded: 2010

Categories: Education, Local Business, Meeting Room, Professional Services

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