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Hillel Passover

04/10/2017 06:00 PM

@ UChicago Hillel
5715 S Woodlawn Ave

Hillel Passover

Happy Passover from UChicago Hillel!

Hillel will host Seders on Monday, April 10th at 7pm and Tuesday, April 11th at 8pm.

Please register for our Seders by clicking the ticket information:

If you are interested in hosting your own Seder, please contact Adi by emailing adicohen@uchicagohillel.org. Fill out the form: https://goo.gl/forms/diD2ON9Mml6k0Nir2

Our Seders are open to all undergraduate and graduate UChicago students, faculty and staff.

Schedule of Meals:

During Passover, Hillel will be hosting light lunches and dinners throughout the holiday. All lunches will be served at 12:00pm and all dinners will be at 6:00pm. Below is a schedule of dates and times.

Monday, April 10th – Mega Seder 7:00pm
April 10th - Let all Who are Hungry Eat Seder 7:00pm
April 10th- A Seder at Home 7pm

Tuesday, April 11th – Lunch 12-2pm
April 11th – Second Night Seder 8pm
April 11th - Social Justice Seder 8pm

Wednesday, April 12th - Lunch 12-2pm
April 12th - Dinner 6-8pm
April 12th- Beyonceder: let all who are hungry get in formation

Thursday, April 13th - Lunch 12-2pm (featuring a K for P cooking competition for first years!)
April 13th - Dinner 6-8pm, Matzah Pizza

Friday, April 14th - Lunch 12-2pm
Shabbat Shalom!
April 14th - Dinner 6-8pm
Services: 6:30pm
Shabbat Dinner: 7:30pm

Saturday, April 15th - Lunch 12-2pm
April 15th - Dinner 6-8pm

Sunday, April 16th - Matzah Brei Brunch 11-1pm
April 16th - Dinner 6-8pm (and a showing of Prince of Egypt)

Monday, April 17th - Lunch 12-1:30pm
April 17th – Dinner 6-7:30pm

Tuesday, April 18th - Lunch 12-2pm
April 18th - Mimouna Celebration (featuring a performance by Rhythm and Jews) 6-7:30pm

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